Find out how you can save on medications (up to 90%* off) with UBURx

What is UBURx? How does it work?

UBURx is a monthly membership program that helps you save up to 90% on prescription drugs and access discounts for healthcare services. Membership is just $9.99/month for the Family Plan which covers up to 6 members on one account: friends, family, pets — anyone! This premium membership offers:
Greater Savings 

Greater Convenience

  • No more shopping around or comparing prices — UBURx prices are more consistent and do not update as frequently
  • No more printing coupons or using multiple discounts — with UBURx you only need one easy-to-use card
  • Use your account to track your prescription purchases with UBURx
  • Easily transfer your prescriptions to any UBURx pharmacy while logged into your account
  • UBURx is accepted at thousands of pharmacies including CVS, Costco, Kroger, Albertsons and more. Click here to find a pharmacy near you

The #1 priority of UBURx remains to help consumers afford their prescriptions.
We created UBURx as another way for people to save. Some pharmacies offered us even lower prices if we could create a membership program for people filling 2 or more prescriptions at a smaller group of pharmacies.
Think of UBURx like an Amazon Prime or Costco membership — it’s not for everyone, but if your family purchases multiple generic prescriptions, you should find that your savings far exceed the monthly membership. Plus, you can cancel at any time.

How UBURx Works

To Use UBURx

Step 1: Sign up

You can sign up for UBURx using:

UBURx can be used at thousands of pharmacies throughout the U.S., including CVS, Kroger, Costco and many more. More than 97% of Americans can find a UBURx pharmacy in their zip code.

Step 2: Present your UBURx Card at the pharmacy and save

The pharmacist will enter the numbers from your card into their system to find the discount. Visit our website to check the price, and we’ll even send you refill reminders.

UBURx Prices

UBURx members save up to 90% on their prescriptions. You’ll find the maximum savings on prescriptions for generic medications, which account for more than 85% of the prescriptions in the U.S.

Log into your account portal using this link and use the Drug Search  feature: https://uburx.com/my-account/

Insurance and Medicare

Yes! Even if you have health insurance or Medicare, UBURx can still help you control your prescription drug costs and find prices that are lower than your typical co-pay.

You can use your UBURx Card instead of your prescription insurance, medicare, or medicaid if the cost is lower. However, UBURx cannot be combined with your insurance or any federal or state-funded program such as Medicare or Medicaid. UBURx is not insurance. You can use either your insurance or UBURx, but they cannot be used together at the same time.

If you have insurance or Medicare and would like to use UBURx for a prescription, you will need to ask your pharmacist to process your prescription using your UBURx ID instead of your insurance.

When you purchase a prescription using your UBURx ID, the amount you pay will not automatically be applied towards your deductible or donut hole.  You may want to contact your insurance company to find out if you can submit receipts for prescriptions purchased using UBURx. Many insurance plans will allow you to submit receipts for potential reimbursement and/or credit toward your deductible and other policy limits. You may not, however, submit the cost of your UBURx membership fee for reimbursement.

If you want to compare UBURx prices with your insurance and you don’t already know your co-pay, you can often use your insurance provider’s website to look up what you will pay for a prescription.

Billing (payments, cancellations)

Provide your name, email and valid credit or debit card and you’ll be charged only $9.99/mo for a family of up to 6 people.

UBURx members can reach out to customer service to cancel their account.